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Martial Arts


Of all the martial arts, one of the most prominent is karate. It was developed in the Okinawa area of mid-1800s Japan and was based on the fighting styles of the indigenous Japanese people and on kenpo, China's martial art of note. Mostly known by its striking...

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Zen Meditation

We teach Zen Meditation just for building peace of mind, relieving stress, and building mental endurance. Zen meditation is just simple sitting, right breathing, and correct Zen posture. At the end of each class, we sit in meditation for 10 minutes. It is nothing to do...

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Jujitsu is literally the art of softness or the way of yielding, can be learned unarmed or armed, and evolved from the ancient Samurai methods of defeating opponents, despite the presence or absence of a weapon on either side of opposition. Because the enemies were...

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Kendo is the Way of the Sword, literally, and a relatively modern martial art developed in Japan. It is an art of sword-fighting based on Japanese swordsmanship and is both physically and mentally challenging. Though its earliest roots are in the twelfth and...

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The "Gentle Way" of martial artistry is Judo. Both a martial art and combat sport, it originated in Japan in the late 1800s. It is marked by its prominent display during competition of either the throwing of one competitor by another to the ground, the immobilization...

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Iaido is a martial art from Japan that is a mastery of smooth, controlled movements that draw the practitioner's sword from its scabbard, cut the opponent, remove any blood from the blade, and replace it safely and cleanly in the scabbard. Newer students use wooden...

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Kyudo is Japanese archery. It is literally the "way of the bow", a martial art of great skill and devoted practice. Whenever archery began in Japan is, for certain, unknown. No historical records exist in the time that archery must have been going on. In fact, molded...

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